Ship management

Miniships ensures that the best practices are implemented and applied in the management of our vessels under full compliance with national and international regulations.

Our technical department plans in advance maintenance and continuously controls the condition of our vessels preventing downtime and unnecessary costs.
The operations team schedules the voyages ahead taking in consideration every aspect, from weather condition to port congestion.We consider our crews to be an indivisible part for the success of our management and we endeavour in continuous guidance and
collaboration with every crew member.



We make sure that in every step of the fixture, from starting negotiations to signing of the charter party, the charterers are our partners and the success of the voyage our obligation.
Miniships is there also to provide charterers with the service of competitive brokerage for any cargo and destination.



third party management

We are confident that we possess the right skills, attitude, and mentality to manage successfully and efficiently vessels that their owners shall entrust to us.